Hunter x Hunter cosplay gives the adult Gon form a transformation

Yoshihiro Togashi has released frequent updates for the upcoming return of Hunter x Hunter, as fans have been waiting years for the return of Shonen manga. The Succession Contest arc was the last major manga story and fans were waiting to see where Gon and his friends end up in the future. Now, a cosplayer decided to take a different approach with the ultimate transformation of Gon that debuted during Chimera Ant Arc and gave the young hunter serious power but it came at a huge cost.

Gon’s adult form was a Hell Mary play set during Chimera Ant Arc, in which protagonist Shonen decides to harness all the power he currently possesses, along with all the power he may possess in the future, and immediately unleashes everything in an effort to defeat Neferpeto, One of the king’s trusted lieutenants. Although Gon lost his arm in this form, that didn’t stop him from defeating Chimera Ant, although he never had a chance to take on the King one-on-one, as Togashi threw a big curve ball on how to do it. One of the most famous arcs ended his story.

Instagram cosplayer BVI Mermaid has taken the opportunity to reimagine what an adult Gon looks like, causing Shonen Hunter to lose access to his Nen for some time. Hunter X Hunter Follow and follow up not only with the heroes, but also with the scoundrel members of the Phantom Troupe:

While Hunter x Hunter The manga is set to continue, and the future of anime authorship remains a mystery at this point, with the latest series being produced by Studio Madhouse. Having introduced animations to some of the heavy hitters in the anime world like One Bunch Man, Perfect Blue, Redline, and OverlordWe suspect there will be many fans who don’t like seeing Madhouse return to the series. With the original Madhouse series coming to a close after Election Arc, there is a lot of material from the manga that has yet to come to the small screen.

What do you think of this new look of Gon’s adult form? Feel free to tell us in the comments or hit me up directly on Twitter @EVComedy to talk about all things comedy, anime, and the world of hunters.


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