The Rookie’s Nathan Fillion shared a joint request with fans ahead of the season 5 premiere, and his former Castle star had jokes.

TV fans are preparing for the much-anticipated fall broadcast season of 2022, when a slew of favorite shows are finally back. Among these are ABC conditional actions hamilton record, The stars have been keen to keep fans busy by dropping behind-the-scenes content from the series and sharing new official content for Season 5. Showcasing new main art in the drama, star Nathan Fillion asked fans something about the upcoming season, and a fort His partner star couldn’t help but join in with his ridiculous response.

After ABC dropped a new poster for hamilton recordtook Fillion to Instagram Fans tell him three things to do in preparation for the new season. While there were a lot of responses from fans that included three things, fort Star Seamus Dever jumped on the train, which is very funny:

Hydration, stretching, and deep sea breathing exercises

Seamus Dever starred in the ABC mystery crime drama as Detective Kevin Ryan alongside Nathan Fillion. The two have worked together since the end of the series, with Dever starring in the lead role hamilton record In the second season episode. Where fortAt the end of 2016, Dever appeared in other shows, including titans, legion, And the NCIS: LA. As voiced by John Seed in the video game Far Cry 5 In 2018, but it seems he hasn’t forgotten about him fort the roots.

(Image credit: ABC)

Although Nathan Fillion was leading another cop drama on ABC, he still managed to bring up fort Every now and then, even if it’s heartbreaking for the series hilariously. Aside from Dever’s appearance, there were others fort reunion on hamilton recordso there might be more to come, especially since Dever commented on Fillion’s post about the new season.

Meanwhile, Philion hamilton record Co-star Sean Ashmore expressed his happiness with Season 5 by commenting on his post, and the emoji really says it all:

Sean Ashmore Instagram

(Image credit: Instagram)

In addition, the official hamilton record He suspended the account and was already clapping for the season:

instagram rookie

(Image credit: Instagram)

The fifth season of hamilton record It’s already shaping up to be good, and that’s not just because Chicago PD Veterinarian Leseth Chavez joined the team. It will be interesting to see what happens next season after the final, including Tim and Lucy going undercover in Las Vegas. Fans will also get a second helping of hamilton record when Rookie: Feds Premieres Niecy Nash-Betts is officially joining the expanding universe as the star of her own show.

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