DLC (Wanderer of the Rift) for Final Fantasy Origin arriving in October

Publisher Square Enix and developer Team NINJA have announced a new downloadable expansion for Stranger of Paradise: Final Fantasy Origin, Wanderer of the Rift, that will feature a new class, location, and abilities. The upcoming downloadable content will be available for PC via Epic Games, Xbox, and PlayStation on October 26.

Stranger of Paradise: Final Fantasy Origin has expanded its content with new DLCs, as the Trials of the King expansion, which includes Bahamut and Warrior of Light, launches in July. Wanderer of the Rift DLC will be included in the Stranger of Paradise season pass like its predecessor, which means that once you purchase the season pass, you will have free access to all three downloadable content, including various upcoming future missions.


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Square Enix has revealed the release date of the Wanderer of the Rift DLC with a new cinematic trailer, which includes a new location, class, boss, and missions that will be added when it launches on October 26. In addition, the development team claimed that players will encounter a new class of enemies called Chaotic Monsters, providing more variety when it comes to combat. However, the trailer does not show whether the new genre has a special ability to use on our protagonist.

Dimensional Labyrinth, “a dungeon that randomly crafts your way to unlock parts of the story” is a new location that will be made available to players as part of the expansion. Players will get new equipment that unlocks new abilities as they are upgraded. The teaser trailer focuses more on enemies and character dialogues rather than any subtle changes.

The Blue Mage functionality, which gives players another option to start over, will also be added with the new Wanderer from Rift DLC. The development team revealed that players can use the summoning stone to summon unique monsters into battle. It looks like the upcoming expansion won’t be much; However, when combined with the previously released Trials of the King expansion, players can jump into action hoping to encounter new enemies or bosses to defeat. Stranger of Paradise: “Wanderer of the Rift” DLC for Final Fantasy Origin will launch on October 26 for Xbox, PlayStation, and PC.

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