Marvel VFX Artist Reveals Revoked Deathlok Design

Before the Marvel Cinematic Universe became a thing, it appears that visual effects artist Constantine Sekeris was tasked with designing a realistic look for Deathlok, Marvel’s cyber-antagonist. The character that appeared at the end Marvel’s of SHIELD AgentsHe had his solo movie in development starting in the ’90s, and he didn’t quite die out until 2004 or later. Paramount selected the film in 2001, and Lee Tamahori (Die another day) and later Paul McGuigan (Luke Cage) was in line with directing, with McGuigan saying years later that he liked the script, and wanted Robert Downey Jr. for the role of Deathlok, but Marvel Studios had stepped in to cancel the project.

Sekeris drew some designs for EdgeFX in 2002, but the project doesn’t seem to make much of an impression on him, as he said it was just “mentioned”. He said it was inspired by crazy maxpartly because he wasn’t given much direction and had to figure out an attractive character design on his own.

You can see his post below.

There have been a few different opinions about Deathlok, which are generally related to the idea that he is a dead person who is brought back to life and endowed with supernatural powers by internet technology. J. August Richards played the character on Marvel’s of SHIELD Agents, based on Michael Collins, an African American family man. This is the most common version of the character, but since the name is shared by a number of different characters, it wouldn’t be shocking, especially in 2002, for the movie version to be a white man.

Richards’ view of the character hasn’t appeared on screen for years, and the degree to which it has come Shield Agents The MCU canon remains a subject of debate. Still, the actor He said recently in 2019 He wants a chance to play a more embodied version of Deathlok on the big screen. Considering that Anson Mount’s Black Bolt appeared in Doctor Strange in a multiverse of madnessand much fewer people are appreciated No Marvel Humans what he did Shield Agentsnever say never.

If you want to see the character in live action, you can capture it Marvel’s of SHIELD Agents on Disney+. is also in Hulk and Smash Agents If this is your speed.


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