In defense of Super Mario Bros. the original

When I arranged my article all of despicable me Movies, it got me thinking about how much I appreciate lighting movies. Like, for example, I love sing The series, just like Mike Reyes described the sequel as “lively and effortlessly engaging” in sing 2 reconsidering. And now, in the not-too-distant future, we’ll be getting Super Mario Bros. from Illumination.

We know a lot about the Nintendo-Illumination anime, but I don’t want to talk about it That Super Mario Bros. Movie. I want to talk about OG, 1993 live Super Mario Bros. Movie. Because you know what? I the love this movie. In fact, in my Top 10 Video Game Movies article, I place it at number six. Now, it didn’t happen overnight, and in fact, I had to spend almost my whole life learning how to love this movie, but I love it now, and I have five reasons for that.

(Photo credit: Buena Vista Pictures)

It was the first live video game movie

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