Marvel unveils new Captain America game, Black Panther

Marvel Games and Skydance New Media have revealed plans for a new Marvel title featuring Captain America and Black Panther. The game was announced as part of a major Disney and Marvel Games Showcase, the first of its kind to include all of the massive Disney properties it oversees. However, the game didn’t get a name, and we don’t know when the game will be released or what platforms it will be released on.

The trailer for the game opened with some hints about the setting introduced via music and weapons before moving on to Captain America’s shield. Looking further, we see that the shield had some claws marks across it which revealed a black panther reveal. Two other heroes will join the fight as well, although they haven’t featured as prominently as the first two.

While this type of team of two champions is unprecedented in terms of gaming adaptation, it is only natural that it happens. precedent From the vast comedy world of these two characters to team up with each other. The reveal was surprising regardless, but perhaps not as surprising as it could have been after some leaks this week that seemed to spoil the big unveiling. These alleged leaks indicated that these two heroes would be cooperating in the environment of World War II. While not explicitly confirmed, it appears that this setting leak was correct.

We also knew before that that Amy Hennig, would be working with Marvel Games on a new title, so this particular reveal was one they were eagerly anticipating ahead of the event. Under new studio Skydance New Media, Hennig and his company have committed to making a “narrative-based action-adventure game, featuring a completely original story and setting in the Marvel universe.” Little was said about the game after that, but whenever Disney quipped that those watching the game show and the larger D23 Expo would get “a sneak peek at Skydance New Media’s upcoming Marvel squad game,” the reveal was confirmed.

Hennig is best known for creating the Uncharted series from PlayStation Naughty Dog studio. This new Marvel project is the studio’s first development, but it’s far from the only thing Skydance New Media has at the moment. After the Marvel game was announced, Hennig and Electronic Arts veteran Julian Beak confirmed that the studio is working on a new Star Wars game as well.

The new Marvel game has no name or release date yet.


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