Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 fans are upset about the lack of looks in D23

Fans who are eagerly looking forward to Spider-Man from Marvel 2 They found themselves quite upset today after the PlayStation 5 sequel didn’t appear on Disney and Marvel Games Showcase. Entering today’s event, many Marvel fans expected the first new footage of Spider-Man from Marvel 2 Since its unveiling last year it will finally be shown. Unfortunately, this did not come to fruition, which led to a number of people posting their grievances online.

Not long after the Marvel Games event at D23 wrapped, fans took to Twitter to announce their disappointment with the show. While some expected it Spider-Man from Marvel 2 They won’t appear and will instead appear at the next PlayStation show, others found it strange that Marvel and Disney would hold a presentation like this in the first place and not talk about the highly anticipated project.

What made fans even more annoyed was that technically Spider-Man from Marvel 2 He gave a brief presentation in the opening montage that kicked off the Disney and Marvel Games Showcase. After this initial appearance, though, nothing new was mentioned about the project throughout its roughly 20-minute run. This has led fans to wonder why the game was highlighted in the montage in the first place if nothing new was shared about it.

in this time, Spider-Man from Marvel 2 It’s widely slated to land on PS5 in 2023. Assuming PlayStation makes its own demo in the coming weeks, we’ll probably see more of the game then.

Are you annoyed by that spider man 2 Didn’t receive any new details or footage at today’s event? Let me know either down below in the comments or message me on Twitter at Trustworthy.

Plus, be sure to keep reading if you’d like to see what Marvel fans have said on Twitter about the Spider-Man no-show.

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