The trailer for Season 3 of The Mandalorian reveals the first look at The Mandalore

Lucasfilm has been in quite a bit since they started releasing a TV series based on Star Wars characters. The Mandalorian It was the first original series to launch on streaming service Disney+, and the series is heading into its third season, which will premiere in 2023. We got a sneak peek at the third season of The Mandalorian During their Star Wars celebration, and earlier today they released an entire trailer that gives their first live, first-hand look at a very important place in the galaxy far, far away. During the trailer, we get our first look at Mandalore and it’s probably the best thing about the trailer.

The Mandalorian The trailer is already packed with Star Wars goodies like Babu Frik and a bunch of other things. We see Bo Katan Kryse sitting on the throne of Mandalore as Din Djarin goes to repent of having his mask removed, to which Bo Katan tells him that his sect is responsible for the downfall of Mandalore. Grogu also appears in the trailer after he chooses to end his training with Luke Skywalker to return with his surrogate father. You can get a first look at Mandalore in the trailer.

The next Star Wars series that will hit Disney+ will be Andor. Diego Luna returns as one of the most exciting characters in the Star Wars universe, Cassian Andor. Back in May, Brandon Davis from got a chance to talk to him Andor Leading the man through the Star Wars celebration, he reveals that after watching Andor you won’t believe it Rogue One: A Star Wars Story It was possible.

β€œThe only thing I can say is that you will see where he was five years ago rogue oneAnd you won’t believe rogue one Luna told us it was possible. This is the idea, to see a transformation and an awakening. I can’t tell you how that will be represented, you have to wait until August 31st. But it’s about that, and it’s about how much we all can change and transform, and that’s the beauty of storytelling. You don’t start to know the ending very much, here you know what’s going on. It’s not about, like, “Oh that happened!” No, no, how it happened is important. It’s all about the little details and between the lines and every layer of character. Even though we are on a very epic show and a huge spy adventure show, we will have time for intimacy. You will delve deeper into the character and the people around him. I think it’s going to be fun, and it’s going to be dark and interesting and different from what you see now.”

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