Marvel’s Captain America and Black Panther bring good news for single player fans

It looks like Captain America and Black Panther from Skydance won’t be co-op. Marvel Games is creating a video game world equivalent to the MCU, even if the games aren’t necessarily connected. For years, the quality of Marvel games has varied. Some considered the pinnacle of the genre, and others only helped contribute to the idea that binge games or superhero titles were nothing more than hasty cash grabs. However, over the past few years, Marvel has worked to ensure that its heroes receive proper recognition in the midst of games. Although not all of them are played at home, games like Spider-Man from Marvel And the Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy They showed that developers are able to bring these characters to life if given the right time and budget.

One of the teams working on a Marvel game right now is Skydance New Media. The team is led by Amy Hennig, writer and creative director of the first three Uncharted games, and they’re all working on a new World War II-era game about Captain America and Black Panther. As of now, details are pretty scarce, but we know it’s meant to be a very cinematic game and storyline. There are also four playable characters in the game which has led some to believe that the game might be co-op. While it hasn’t been confirmed one way or the other, the game’s description states that the four characters are playable at “different points in the story,” suggesting that you’ll switch between characters depending on what you do and don’t choose them whenever you want.

Since neither of these characters have superpowers, it makes sense that Skydance would choose when to play as certain characters, otherwise players would only choose Captain America or Black Panther. Of course, since the game doesn’t even have a title and we know so little, things may change in the future. However, given the stated focus on delivering a cinematic, story-based game, it seems unlikely that it will be a cooperative.

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