Valve reveals good news for Steam Deck owners

Valve has revealed some really great news for those who own Steam Deck. Valve seems to be giving all other platform holders a run for their money through Steam Deck. Not only has Valve ramped up production, ensuring everyone with a reservation will have their hardware by the end of 2022, but it’s showing that it has amazing levels of support planned as well. Valve has relentlessly updated Steam Deck since its launch, improving performance across the different games running on the device and making major changes to quality of life as well. It’s something Valve puts a lot of effort into and doesn’t want to give up, and it’s not something that can be said of every piece of hardware the company has released in the past.

Earlier this week, Valve confirmed that it has opened a repair center for Steam Deck customers. For those with a deck under warranty, specific repairs will be provided free of charge and those without one will be able to get a repair repaired for a fee. With that said, the repair center is completely optional and Valve fully supports people who want to repair their devices themselves. The company even provided some parts and guides to fix it yourself if you’re up to the task. Valve notes that things like button insertion issues are covered under warranty, but if your dog chews on your deck and breaks something, you’ll have to pay a fee or do it yourself.

Valve has already confirmed that it plans to release several Steam Deck successors, but it’s unclear when they will be released. Valve sees it as a “multi-generation” piece of hardware, but it seems unlikely that this means we’ll have to wait as long as an actual console generation to get a new one. Maybe there will be annual or semi-annual updates like other electronic devices like iPhones, but only time will tell.

Would you rather repair the electronics yourself or would you use a Steam Deck Repair Center? Let me know in the comments or hit me up TwitterCade_Onder.


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