Wendy Williams insiders say the stars’ habits are taking a toll after reports suggested she kept forgetting that her show had been cancelled.

Wendy Williams has gone through a tremendous amount of hardship in the past several years which most people consider to be very stressful. In early 2019, the former host of The Wendy Williams Show She told her fans that She was staying in a sober living facilityAnd soon after, Williams divorced her husband After receiving news that he had a child with another woman. Soon her health problems became too many, with Williams sits outside of what will become the final season of her daytime talk. Now, there are more alleged concerns coming from those who know Williams, as there are reports that her habits are taking a toll and she doesn’t remember having her show cancelled.

What do insiders claim about Wendy Williams’ habits?

Even before Wendy Williams admitted to fans on her talk show that she had been battling addiction and living in a sober home until fully recovered, the former radio host was open about her cocaine addiction. While Now Williams is trying to find her way back into the spotlight with a podcast which she was said to be working on, though, American sun She reports that some close to the star are now concerned that her habits are making things worse for her. According to an anonymous source:

[Wendy] She lives like she thinks she’s evil, she’s always felt that way but her body doesn’t say that nowadays.

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