Young Jedi Adventures presents Jedi Bear that fans can’t handle

Last weekend’s D23 Expo brought plenty of exciting updates for Star Wars fans, including long-awaited looks at a number of Disney+’s upcoming TV series. This series ranges from darker live fare such as Star Wars: The Mandalorianto more family-friendly programming – including the new animated series Star Wars: The Adventures of Young Jedi. First announced at Star Wars Celebration Anaheim earlier this year, Young Jedi Adventures It will follow a group of youngsters as they study the ways of strength and become serious, learning empathy, self-discipline, teamwork, patience and friendship. The series will debut on Disney+ and Disney Junior sometime in 2023.

During D23, we took a look at who will make up the list Young Jedi AdventuresOne character in particular is making the audience laugh. A blue teddy bear looks like my grandfather, whose name has since been confirmed Nubs, has already left the Internet positively smitten. While the first full look at Young Jedi Adventuress has passed, fans have taken to Twitter to express their love and confusion about Nubs – keep scrolling to check out some of these responses.




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