Attack on Titan Cosplay Highlights Mikasa’s Original Equipment

Attack on Titan was gearing up to return for the third and final season of the fourth and final season likely next year, and one of the coolest costumes was showing how far Mikasa Ackerman has come by taking advantage of her original scout look! The anime has evolved far beyond where it first began, with not only the central antagonist taken to a horrific new level, but the surviving humans pummeled by years of trauma, loss, and the seemingly never-ending war. It’s something humanity has been obsessing over the course of the last season.

Mikasa has had a particularly intense path through the series so far as not only has she become one of the main fighters in the Survey Corps, but after all these years has started to affect her as Eren Yeager ends up becoming the last monster she will have to take down. It’s hard to imagine previous seasons being the “good old days” of everyone from the Survey Corps, but seeing this gorgeous Mikasa costume by @maripicosplay on Instagram spotlight her look for Season 1 is a real nostalgia blast from the past! Check it out below:

Attack on Titan: Final Season Part 3 It is currently scheduled for release next year as part of the Winter 2023 animation schedule, but a release date has not been confirmed as of this writing. There haven’t been any new promotional materials like posters, promos or trailers for the new episodes since the original announcement earlier this year, so there are still many questions about what we can expect from this next (and possibly last) phase of the massive stage. Popular anime adaptation. Fortunately, it won’t be too long.

The final episodes of The Rumbling Part Two have finally begun as Eren Yeager now uses the power of the Founding Titan to exterminate the world outside of Paradise Island. Obviously, that’s not what the Survey Corps wants to happen, and now they’ve forged an ultimate alliance with the other remaining members of humanity as they prepare for one final match to somehow and somehow save the world.

How do you feel about Mikasa’s classic look compared to her look for the last season? What do you wish to see from Mikasa in the last episodes of the anime? Let us know all your thoughts on this topic in the comments!


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