How to watch Nintendo Direct

After rumors and reports have been circulating for weeks and weeks, Nintendo has officially announced that there will be a new Nintendo Direct today, September 13, yesterday. This latest presentation from the video game company is expected to share a number of different announcements, revelations, and news about upcoming video games from Nintendo. Ahead of the live stream, we’ve rounded up everything you need to know about it like when it’s out, how to watch it, and what to expect from today’s Nintendo Direct.

When is Nintendo Direct and how to watch it

The new Nintendo Direct is set today at 10AM EDT / 7AM PT. It will last for about 40 minutes, which makes it somewhat fat in terms of what Nintendo has been pitching in recent history. As usual, Nintendo has indicated potential interested viewers on its official YouTube channel to watch the broadcast. However, today’s Nintendo Direct should also be available to stream Official Nintendo Twitch Page In addition to.

Historically, Twitch has been the best place to watch these events streamed live because it is often a little ahead of YouTube when both are broadcast simultaneously. For easier access, we’ve included the YouTube live stream below. Once the Nintendo Direct broadcast ends, it should turn into an archived copy and remain available.

What do you expect from Nintendo Direct

Given that today’s Nintendo Direct is 40 minutes, it’s entirely possible that the company is sharing a whole bunch of announcements. Officially, Nintendo has stated that Nintendo Direct will include “information focused mostly on Nintendo Switch games launching this winter.” Because of what’s already on the timeline, it could mean we’re seeing more likes Bayonetta 3And the pokemon scarlet and violetAnd the Mario + Rapids: Sparks of Hope. The length also means that there may be large pieces of play scattered throughout.

Most people who have been following the various reports about this Nintendo Direct will likely hope to see the remastered version of Metroid Prime In addition to the new outlets for The Legend of Zelda: Wind Wicker Beside The Legend of Zelda: Princess of Twilight. There is also a possibility that Nintendo will share more The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild 2, which does not have an official name yet. However, what exactly Nintendo has up its collective sleeves is anyone’s guess at this point.

As mentioned above, today’s Nintendo Direct is set at 10AM ET / 7AM PT and will last for approximately 40 minutes. It will include news largely related to the Nintendo Switch titles due to launch next winter. You can check out all of our previous coverage of Nintendo itself here.

What do you think Nintendo might announce during today’s Nintendo Direct? Are there any specific video games that you hope to be shown? Tell us in the comments, or feel free to reach out to me and hit me up right on Twitter at Tweet embed Talking about all things gaming!


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