The Triangle Strategy is coming to PC next month

Triangle Strategy, a turn-based strategy game that was released exclusively for the Nintendo Switch on March 4th, is preparing for its PC release.

The game was developed by Square Enix, specifically Team Asano, the same team that developed the 2018 Octopath Traveler. Many considered it a sort of branching successor to Octopath Traveler, due to the similar art styles, though it’s now clear that the brands stand on their own, as it’s back Team Asano returns to traditional turn-based combat with the recently announced Octopath Traveler II. Triangle Strategy launched on Steam on October 13, 2022.


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The title’s strategic grid-based gameplay offers a compelling blend of mechanics, with things like feature height damage bonuses and character synergies, leaving the player having to focus heavily on positioning, though the central selling point is the “triangle” aspect. Your choices are based on three values; Utility, morals and freedom. Each choice will direct your characters towards one of these values, which will change the course of the story. Not only this, decisions are put to vote with the characters in your party, so interacting with your team and swinging with them as per your preference is essential to running the game as you wish.

Triangle strategy can already be pre-ordered over here. The game is priced at $59.99 in full. However, there is a small pre-order bonus of 10% that brings the price down to $53.99. A bundle is currently available on Steam for $62.11, which includes another one of Team Asano’s titles, Various Daylife of 2019.

Many Daylife was previously an Apple Arcade exclusive that was recently announced to be available on PC and Switch. It is another JRPG whose main objective is to level up your fighting abilities and learn new classes by doing standard jobs outside of battle, such as working with a warrior or even a bartender.

With this latest news, Triangle Strategy’s similarity to Octopath Traveler goes beyond its artistic style. The latest title also made its way to PC after its first launch on Switch. However, Octopath Traveler had an exclusive window of 11 months, while Triangle Strategy only had a window of 7 months. Octopath Traveler also eventually went to Xbox consoles in 2021. No information has been given regarding a possible PlayStation release, which is particularly notable, as Octopath Traveler II has been confirmed on PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5.

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