My Hero Academia fans give the worst ending to the series ever

My Hero Academia explores the ultimate battle between the UA Academy heroes and villains who make up the All For One forces, and while fans don’t know how many other chapters creator Kohei Horikoshi has in the tank, some Class 1-A enthusiasts have taken the opportunity to theorize about the worst endings may occur. With the final chapters seeing some of the heroes clinging to their lives by a thread, it seems as if not every character will make it out of this series alive.

Kohei Horikoshi has kept fans on the edge of their seats when it comes to the fate of Bakugo, the most popular character in the Shonen franchise, as the explosive young hero receives a blow from Shigaraki that stops his heart. While many readers believe Bakugou fought his last battle, the professional hero known as Edgeshot looks to bring the powerful young hero back to life to help in the battle against All For One, Shigaraki and the superpowers of the Liberation Front.

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