The Law & Order team addresses the possibility of a romantic relationship between Benson and Stabler

The Law & Order Universe will begin in epic style this season, as Law & Order, Law & Order: SVU, and Law & Order: Organized Crime will take part in a three-part crossover, which will serve as the season premiere for all three shows. A big part of this intersection and the larger world of Law and Order are beloved duo Olivia Benson (Marisca Hargitay) and Elliot Stabler (Christopher Meloni), and fans are intrigued to see if they actually became a romantic couple at some point down the line. In a new interview with todayRick Ed, showrunner at Law & Order, executive producer and SVU writer Julie Martin, and SVU show director David Graziano spoke about that potential romance and how both stars would play in the crossover.

“That’s something we discuss a lot here every day, and some of the considerations about Benson and Stabler have nothing to do with the narrative and are just about the logistics of these two actors (Hargitay and Meloni) with busy schedules,” Graziano said. “You have to think for a second on ‘OC’: Chris Meloni is in every scene of that show, and they can’t lend it the same way we can give them Mariska for a day or two. Even when we hand her over there for a day or two, we feel helpless without her.”

“Everyone knows telling stories of will or unwillingness – we like to keep this question as long as possible. So to answer, either way, it kind of kills that expectation. So I think our job – what they talked about the end of last season is definitely something that permeates into Their mind, in Benson’s mind and in Rollins’ mind, and when you actually act on that…it won’t be in the first episode,” Martin said.

“We have a responsibility to Benson as a character as well. There were a lot of events that happened in ‘OC’ and also on our show, ‘SVU,’ which seemed to preclude an easy relationship with the two of them being a lot of things to unpack first,” Graziano said. .

“Like, I think a fan wrote to me about it, and I said something like I think true love eventually prevails. I’m a huge believer in true love that’s pretty much if not in real life. But before you can have a healthy relationship Like this, if you have some monsters under your bed, you have to kill them first. Otherwise, they will follow you into that relationship,” Graziano said.

Law & Order & Law & Order: SVU, & Law & Order: Organized Crime will return on September 22nd.

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