Attack on Titan Graphic shows what the ultimate Big Eren really looks like

The final season of Attack on Titan will arrive next year and things have changed dramatically since the early days of The Scout Regiment, as Eren Jaeger is now the villain who threatens the safety of the world. Eren couldn’t accomplish his genocidal mission but without the Titan Founder’s power at his disposal, which he was able to obtain by making a deal with Ymir, the original giant who had an utterly tragic tale. Now, a new drawing from Studio MAPPA shows just how big Eren’s final shape is in relation to the cities within the walls.

Eren’s new transformation not only makes him the biggest titan we’ve seen yet, but also allows him to control the Eldian people in the way he chooses. This is of course a terrible situation for the Survey Corps, since Geiger can now play Armin, Jean, Annie, Renner, and many others if he so desires. With the end of the season that previously saw the Scout Regiment succeed in acquiring a balloon, which included killing a number of their former friends to do so, the final battle has yet to begin, and despite this victory, the Paradis heroes still have no idea how to deal with Eren in his new form. .

A new CG model from Studio MAPPA shows how Eren’s founder titan looms large in the Shiganshina, and also shows how terrifying the figure is as Eren’s head and legs are much smaller than his rib cage, which looms and dwarfs the other two giants we’ve seen throughout the series:

The final season will be split into three distinct parts when all is said and done, with MAPPA taking over from Wit Studio as the scout battalion’s journey will explore some of the most terrifying and unexplored areas. Hajime Isayama, creator of the popular anime series, has not revealed any hints when it comes to the possibilities The attack on the Giants A sequel is received in the future, and while the ending is entirely final for Eren and his companions, there may be room to wave the universe to continue in some form.

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