Marvel fans are expecting Deadpool 3 to be delayed again

Earlier today, there were news of major changes to Disney’s full release schedule with Marvel Studios delaying an untitled movie from February 16, 2024 until September 6, 2024. Considering that they dropped the house at San Diego Comic-Con this summer with a full stage 5 It’s unclear what this movie will be like (it also remains to be seen if this new title is the end of Phase 5 or the beginning of Phase 6), but the mystery has led fans to a lot of speculation: Deadpool 3 The movie that just got pushed back? Let’s investigate.

Marvel Studios has yet to release a big fantasy graphic that says so Deadpool 3 Part of their plans, but we know it is. Star Ryan Reynolds, director Sean Levy, and even Marvel president Kevin Feige have all spoken out about the movie being in the making and becoming a priority. What’s stopping the movie from going right in this second isn’t just Marvel’s grand plan but talent scheduling. Levi is not only one of the executive producers of Netflix Weird things But Reynolds is currently shooting a movie with John Krasinski and he still has idea Reboot on deck.

All this means that the last delay could have been. Deadpool 3, But we’ll never know until Marvel says otherwise. Fans were convinced that the project was a long-awaited sequel from the original dead list It was released in February of 2016, which gave the two films some consistency. However, it’s worth noting that Marvel Studios seems well aware of where they want to place X-Men characters in the larger MCU, and while Deadpool 3 It could become a major stepping stone in “The Multiverse Saga” (maybe even linking multiple universes together), the big picture remains a mystery. Here’s what Marvel fans have to say about it all:

It’s Deadpool 3. We call it now.

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Hopefully this isn’t Deadpool 3

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