The best and worst thing about every Ghostbusters movie

Who will you call? Well, besides the insurance company challenging a claim, ghost hunters, obviously. There were four Ghostbusters Since 1984, they’re all either great or good (yes, all of them). But, that’s what was said, none of Ghostbusters Movies are perfect. In fact, I would say there is at least one thing in every movie that could have actually been better. Some of this stuff is kinda slight, but some of it is so big, it even reduces some film in my eyes.

Now, this article is not about how one movie can be better than another, or how a movie is like Ghostbusters: The Afterlife It may improve the original movie. I’m not classification These movies after all. But what I do is discuss the highs and lows, and the lows. Having said that, in case you were wondering what my favorite is Ghostbusters The movie is actually number two. It’s much better than you remember, I assure you. Anyway, with the list!

Oh, and little spoilers ahead.

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Ghostbusters (1984)

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