Twitter may conduct a broader test of its Tweet editing feature on September 21

Twitter users have been asking for an edit button for years. Not being able to edit a typo was a huge pain point for many on the platform. But finally, our invitations were answered, as Twitter revealed at the beginning of the month that it would begin testing the feature with Twitter Blue subscribers. Now, it appears that the feature could be rolled out to a much wider audience starting September 21st.

Casey Newton Curriculum He shared via his Twitter that the feature might be rolling out to the public starting next week. While this news might get you excited, he was quick to clarify when asked that this wouldn’t be a public offering outside of Twitter Blue subscribers. So while the public version is slated to go public, according to internal documents shown to Newton, it will likely just be a broader version for those currently registered with Twitter Blue. What this means is that if you want to try the tweet editing feature, you will have to pay at least $4.99 per month to do it right now.

So what do you get for being a Twitter Blue subscriber? Currently, users can access ad-free articles, bookmark folders, custom app icons, themes, and other features. Users will also have access to Twitter Blue Labs, a suite of experimental features that are still being tested. These features tend to change, but for now, users can access longer, higher quality video uploads, NFT profile photos, and the recently revamped Spaces tab. If all this sounds worth the price, the ability to edit tweets will be just a cherry on top.

While not all terms are final yet, while testing the Tweet edit feature, Twitter has some rules in place when it comes to edits. Currently, tweets can be edited multiple times within the first 30 minutes of being posted to the public. If a tweet has been edited, there will be an icon, timestamp, and label indicating that it has been changed. For those who are curious about the type of changes made, clicking on the label will reveal the tweet’s edit history. The edit history will remain available for as long as the Tweet is available. Right now, it looks like we’re only one step closer. But at the moment, it is not known if this feature will make its way to the public.

source: Casey Newton (Twitter)

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