Vibrant meets death frenzy at this sinister intersection

It would be hard to be a hardcore gaming fan and at least have heard the name Hideo Kojima, with the man in charge of hard lime metal A series that starts on its own to create a new world in it death strand. Starring Norman Reedus, The Strange Game sees the protagonist attempt to recreate the United States by walking through landscapes and delivering parcels. While death strand Never before seen in an anime adaptation, a fan artist has taken it upon himself to merge the world of video games with Studio Ghibli. kidnapped.

kidnapped It sat at the top of the anime movie hill for some time, and was recently taken off by Demon Slayer: Mugen Train As the most profitable anime movie of all time. Besides the earnings Ghibli made thanks to this magical tale, Spirited Away was also the first project from the studio to win Best Motion Picture at the Academy Awards, proving how legendary the Ghibli animation studio has become over the years. While it is doubtful that the animation house will return to this universe via a sequel in the future, the characters and locations of kidnapped It will be brought to the real world thanks in part to Studio Ghibli’s theme park that will open its doors later this fall in Japan.

Fan Artist Artazi took the opportunity to merge the worlds of animation and video games, imagining what the characters from Studio Ghibli are. kidnapped Perhaps they seemed to have gone out of Hideo Kojima’s mind instead of Hayao Miyazaki:

While it has not been officially confirmed by Hideo Kojima and his production company at this time, death stranding Norman Reedus apparently leaked that a sequel to the original video game was in the works, going so far as to say “we just started the second”. Consider how Kojima’s games have been out of the box in the past, whether they were death strand or the hard lime metal In the franchise, we expect more mind-blowing adventures within the universe that have made walking from point A to point a risky adventure.

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