Matt Smith did the weather forecast with Al Roker while promoting House Of The Dragon (but I can’t stop staring at his shirt)

When actors are promoting a new project, they usually stick to their talking points and stay where the producers ask them to sit. we will, Dragon House Star Matt Smith and my host today He had a different plan. Discuss his work on the crown, Course Game of thrones prequel, and his wonderful sense of style and that last point was particularly fitting because, while chatting, he wore a nice black, purple, and blue shirt. After that, he ended up being an impromptu anchor and weatherman on the morning newscast, and it was funny.

between the Dragon House spitSmith plays the maniac, conspiratorial, deceitful, and corrupt Prince Targaryen. However, this appearance on today’s show He reminded me more of his days as the eleventh doctor Doctor from – Especially when he jumped from his seat to the weatherboard to do today’s forecast with Al Roker. check it out:

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