Watch Auburn’s Defense send Shawn Clifford into the Shadow Realm by beating the monster

Penn State quarterback Sean Clifford ran for the first touchdown, but was sent into Shadow Kingdom by the Auburn defense.

Last year, the Penn State Nittany Lions defeated the Auburn Tigers 28-20 at State College in their first meeting since 2003. One year later, the Lions went to Auburn to face the Tigers.

There are brutal hits, and then there’s what Auburn linebacker Owen Papau gave to Penn State side Sean Clifford. When Clifford ran down for the first time, he was met with a massive shoulder blade by Papo, and lost the football. Fortunately for Clifford, Penn State was able to recover the stumble. But have you ever been injured.

Penn State: Sean Clifford was destroyed by a big blow

Clifford didn’t miss any time. In fact, it led the team to land their next lead. The 75-yard, nine-play race ended with Clifford running into the finish zone for a seven-yard drop, giving the Nittany Lions a 7-3 lead.

After 22 yards, a field goal by Anders Carlson cut Penn State’s advance to 7-6. But the Nittany Lions responded before the break, with Kaytron Allen scoring from three yards to widen the difference to 14-6.

Clifford was fine after the hit, but this will be on the highlight reel for the “Biggest Songs of 2022”.

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