After a racist backlash against actress Halle Bailey who played The Little Mermaid, Trevor Noah responds

Representing Ariel in the new classic Disney movie the little Mermaid led to lead star Halle Bailey is receiving a fair amount of racist backlash. (Although for every hater, there seems to be an adorable fan who is thrilled with her promising actors) View the trailer showing Billy singing one of the classic movie songs Amazingly, there is still some OG little mermaid Fans who are not happy that Billy’s race is not in line with the Ariel cartoon. Trevor Noah, as he did, now reacted to this racist backlash and did not stop his thoughts.

One big criticism of Halle Bailey’s casting is that she doesn’t look like the animated version of Ariel, which means she doesn’t have the pale skin or have the bright red hair that people are used to seeing. in a day clip Daily ShowTrevor Noah mocked this perceived problem, saying:

“It doesn’t look like the original.” nothing like? They both have the tail, and they both have the color red [hair]. “She doesn’t look like her, how do I even know it’s a mermaid?”

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