Final Fantasy XVI’s new demo likely to be released next month

Final Fantasy XVI was supposed to appear at Tokyo Game Show 2022, but as expected, Square Enix didn’t reveal any new footage from the game at the event. However, game producer Naoki Yoshida revealed that we can expect a new trailer from the game “next month or so”.

As I mentioned jimatsu, when Yoshida showed up on stage to accept the Future Division Award from Tokyo Game Show 2022 on behalf of Square Enix, he had the opportunity to answer a few questions about Final Fantasy XVI. When Yoshida was asked about his earlier promise of new information about the game coming in fall 2022, the producer revealed that we can expect a new announcement next month or so.


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This probably means that the new trailer could narrow the game’s release period from summer 2023 to a certain summer month. But also, it could be a hint at an upcoming show from either PlayStation or Square Enix likely in October 2022 as there’s no big festival or show for next month yet.

Naoki Yoshida is the director and producer behind Final Fantasy XIV, an incredibly popular MMO from the Final Fantasy franchise that was revived a few years ago thanks to the revolutionary expansion of Shadowbringers. Having Yoshida as the producer behind Final Fantasy XVI has been a warm message to all fans.

Sony already had a state of play briefing this month, as we saw the next project from the developers of Yakuza as well as a new open-world game from Team Ninja. Sony also revealed a new trailer for God of War Ragnarök.

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