Pixar’s WALL-E 4K Criterion Collection is available for pre-order at a huge discount

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The set of criteria is dedicated to honoring the greatest films ever made with home video releases featuring the highest technical quality and extensive additional content. To date, less than 1,200 films in cinema history have been entered into the collection, and WALL-E became the first Pixar film to receive this distinction. Pre-orders for the WALL-E Criterion Collection 4K UHD Edition are now available Available here on amazon And the Here at Walmart for $32.45, which is 35% off the list price. Look for it to arrive at your doorstep on November 22nd. A full breakdown of the special features can be found below.

The standard describes the film, “A high watermark for digital animation, this prescient vision of a dystopian future is pieced together into a fantastic sci-fi pop love story, making it the urgent tale of our turbulent millennium. It’s the twenty-ninth century, and humans have long since fled Earth to Outer space leaves Wall•E, the last robot working to compress garbage, to do the work of cleaning up a planet choked with pollution, one piece of trash at a time.When he meets EVE, a fellow robot sent to discover plant life, the pair are launched on an intergalactic quest to bring back Mankind down to Earth. At the same time transporting us to the origins of silent cinema and light years into the future, WALL•E is a lofty ode to the power of love and art to heal a dying world.”

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Special Features and Technical Specifications:

  • The new 4K MASTER, approved by director Andrew Stanton
  • View Dolby Vision / HDR Film
  • Dolby Atmos soundtrack
  • Alternative 5.1 DTS-HD Master surround sound and stereo audio tracks
  • Two audio comments:
  • Voiceover, directed by Andrew Stanton
  • Audio commentary featuring moderator Bill Wise, co-producer Lindsey Collins, story artist Derek Thompson, and lead illustrator Angus MacLean
  • New software on Stanton’s cinematic effects and color scripts by production designer Ralph Eggleston
  • A tour of Pixar’s living archives with Stanton
  • Look behind the scenes at the film’s making, including clips from early animation reels
  • The Pixar Story (2007), a Leslie Ewerks documentary
  • Over a dozen documentaries exploring film production and robotics
  • The Anatomy of the Landscape: Plant, a Master Lesson with Stanton
  • “WALL • E”: A to Z, a new show featuring Stanton and screenwriter Jim Reardon
  • Deleted scenes featuring Stanton’s comment
  • Story (1987), a student film for Stanton
  • BURN • E (2008), a short film by McClan
  • Trailers
  • English translation for the deaf and hard of hearing
  • Descriptive audio in English
  • PLUS: Article by Sam Wasson; An anthology of sketchbooks, script notes, and graphics; and artwork from the WALL • E . team


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