SHIELD Star Agents Are Open To Play Deathlok Again

J is back. vampire academy The series debuted on the streaming platform last week. But while Augustus is currently deep in that series’ world of vampires, friendship, romance, and danger as well as the franchise and magic and witchcraft, many fans have recognized the actor for his portrayal of Mike Peterson/Deathlock on ABC. Shield Agents, which arrived at Disney+ in March. And as the Marvel Cinematic Universe continues to expand, many can’t help but wonder if Richards would be open to dressing up again if Marvel called. As it turns out, while Augustus is hoping to hunt down the role of Victor vampire academy For the foreseeable future, Deathlok didn’t leave either.

“I’m very in touch with the characters I play,” Richards told “Without sounding corny or anything, I haven’t really given up on any character I play because I put as much time, effort and energy into it as I did with Victor. No character I’ve ever played… ever officially.”

Richards’ comments aren’t actually the first time he’s suggested he’s not finished with Deathlok. The actor said back in 2019 that he would like to have the chance to play a more embodied version of Deathlok on the big screen if the opportunity presents itself, thanks to Doctor Strange in a multiverse of madnessSome fans think that might be a possibility someday. This movie surprisingly saw Anson Mount reprise his role as Black Bolt from the movie Inhumans on TV. But for now, Richards said he enjoys playing Victor vampire academy.

“What I love most about playing Victor is his genuine need for change and equality in his community,” Richards said. “He is a royal vampire, which means he is one of the heads of the 12 royal families, which means he has a great deal of power and uses that power to achieve equality for non-royals, like my children Sonya and Mia Waldampire are our guardians. Victor will use his power to find equality For the whole community and I love it about him.”

vampire academy Now streaming on Peacock.


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