Valve shares more good news about upcoming Steam Deck orders

Steam Deck Valve manufacturer has shared more excellent news for those who are still waiting to buy their own copy of the laptop. In recent months, Valve has made a focused effort to expedite the process by which it manufactures and ships Steam Deck to customers around the world. At a time when many tech companies have lagged behind manufacturing due to hardware shortages and shipping restrictions, Valve has been able to increase the rate at which it gets Steam Deck in the hands of customers. Fortunately, this trend will only continue as we enter the final months of 2022.

in a new way message Shared by Valve on Steam today, Steam Deck orders have reportedly continued to come out at a higher rate than expected. Specifically, Valve said that Steam Deck shipments that were planned for the third quarter had already ended before the end of the month. As such, Q4 orders are now beginning to process a little earlier than expected.

“As some people online have noted (see you Reddit!), we are speeding through bookings at an accelerated pace. Due to increased production, we have exceeded our estimates again. With today’s batch of email, we have now sent out invitations to all bookings in Third Quarter Bucket (July-September),” Valve said. “Now that Q3 is done early, we’ll start a head start on the next batch of reservations, fulfilling the reservations that were scheduled in the Q4 window. We’ve updated the store page to reflect this, with an updated bucket description: September to December.”

In short, this means that if your Steam Deck wasn’t previously slated to arrive until the fourth quarter, it may now come a little earlier than expected. As always, be sure to keep an eye on your email in the coming weeks as Valve will make sure to let you know when your Steam Deck is ready to buy, assuming you’ve already placed a pre-order in advance.

Still waiting to buy Steam Deck for yourself? And what do you think about Valve’s ability to continue accelerating Steam Deck shipments to customers? Let me know either down below in the comments or message me on Twitter at Trustworthy.


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