Chicago Med reviews the effects of the fiery Cliffhanger and the struggle on the road in season 8

Long wait to see the fate of many major Chicago Med The characters are coming to an end, with the season 8 premiere of the hit medical drama on NBC fast approaching Autumn TV schedule. Season seven ended with Will Halstead and Dylan Scott trapped in a burning apartment building, with both staircases blazing. Hannah Asher apparently escaped, but Joe was injured in the scuffle by the shooter. Now, show makers Andrew Schneider and Diane Frolov have opened to CinemaBlend About this fiery slopeAnd the story of VasCom and the ongoing struggle on the road.

Since the hell of One Chicago tend to happen Chicago fire instead of Chicago MedAs of the end of season seven, Will and Dylan’s lives were in grave danger. After all, they are doctors, not firefighters! While the show’s creators haven’t nailed down exactly what will happen when Season 8 begins, Andrew Schneider confirmed that the decision was planned again when the cliffhanger was written:

We try not to paint ourselves in the corner. We have ideas on how to solve it for each of the characters.

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