Did Prince Harry stop singing God Save the King during Elizabeth II’s funeral?

Prince Harry He fell into hot water again after a clip from the funeral appeared where he apparently stopped singing “God Save the King” towards the end of the Queen. Queen Elizabeth IIFuneral.

Other members of the royal family including the likes of the Queen CamilaA princess thatAnd her husband, Vice Admiral Timothy LawrencePrince Andrew and the prince William All members of his family can be seen singing.

Harrywife Meghan Markleis another woman who may have been silent, though a candle clings to her mouth.

Social media collapses because of Prince Harry

The incident sparked criticism on social media and many accused Harry of disrespecting his father.

“complete, absolute, disrespectful to his father, the nation, the crown and the king”, a British veteran Mike Murphy chirp.

“Strip him of all his royal titles and his funding. How much will NETFLIX want him next?”

Stunning photos of the military parade carrying the Queen’s coffin

Another witness wrote on Twitter: “He can’t be disrespectful anymore if he tries.”

Another said on Twitter: “Terribly embarrassing when the King is your father and you’re sitting right behind him.”

Harry He was also forbidden to wear his military uniform during his grandmother’s funeral, with the king forced to wear a suit.


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