How Chicago PD will keep the mess between Voight and Upstead in season 10, according to Showrunner

Chicago BD He will soon return on NBC to continue after the conclusion of Season 9 with Voight, Upton, and Halstead in the wake of Anna’s death. It was the ninth season finale disaster on Voigt Where things go wrong with Anna, he is ultimately unable to save her. After she was shot, Upton shot her, and season 10 began with a lot of unresolved tension. Showrunner Gwen Sigan spoke with CinemaBlend about what’s on the way, and how things will remain “messy” between Voight and Upstead.

Unlike last year, Chicago BD The fall season will start with a time jump, albeit not a big one. Of course, last season had a huge plot to unravel after the death of Roy Walton, while the finale of Season 9 was more emotionally charged. Voight is shattered after Anna’s death, and Gwen Sigan comments on how Voight will hold up when Season 10 begins on September 21:

Not great. [laughs] We’ll be back pretty soon after that. The time is basically two weeks after the events of last season. So it’s still fresh, and we see it’s still reeling. I mean, he’s still bleeding from it. He was physically shot. It deals with the physical consequences. But more important are the emotional consequences of losing someone, losing someone in this way, and feeling responsible and guilty for what happened. So we play with that during the first episode, and then it keeps on waiting. We keep it messy, and he’ll weigh on his shoulders for a while because he’s lost it.


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