Kate Winslet gets into a major accident while filming and ends up in the hospital

Britual actress Kate Winslet She had to be hospitalized after suffering a terrible fall while filming a scene for her new movie “Lee” on location in Croatia.

Although the accident was not serious, the filming crew decided to stop filming to take the actress to the nearest hospital so that the medical team could examine her condition and rule out any serious injury.

WinsletAnd it was company representatives who reported the accident and confirmed, fortunately, that Winslet was fine.

Kate She slipped and was taken to the hospital as a precaution,” her representatives explained without providing further details, according to The Hollywood Reporter.

Some sources have reported that the actress may return to the set this week.

“She is fine and will continue filming as planned this week,” the sources said.

New Kate Winslet movie

Winslet Currently starring in the movie “Li”, the plot of the film tells the story of a photographer named Lee Millerwho went from being a famous model for Vogue magazine in New York during the 1920s, to a war reporter, with plans to expose the hidden truths of Nazi Germany.

in the project, Winslet46, doubles as a lead actress and producer, sharing screen time with the likes Marion CotillardAnd the Good LowAnd the Josh O’Connor And the Andrea RiseboroughWho will play the icon? Anna Wintour.

Winslet Committed to the movie in 2015 but has just started shooting.


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