EA’s Iron Man tells a ‘new story’ by Tony Stark

EA’s upcoming Iron Man game will tell a new story of Tony Stark. It’s very difficult to give a fresh take on the main superheroes since they’ve been around for decades, and have seen so many authors create new stories around them, adapted to the big screen. That’s not to say there isn’t any originality or new footage, but it’s hard to find a new angle while still retaining the core pieces of some of these characters. With that, games like Spider-Man from Marvel Proven that it can be done with flying colors. This is a character that has been adapted countless times, yet Insomniac’s character felt fresh and managed to be one of Spidey’s best outings.

EA is looking to do something similar with the newly announced Iron Man. in Interview with GamesIndustry.bizOliver Proulx, executive producer of Iron Man video games, stated that Marvel is pushing EA Motive to tell a new story of the Marvel hero and make it their own. In the interview, Marvel Games Creative Director Bill Rosman indicated that it wants to give developers the freedom they want to tell the stories they want to tell, even if it means doing something as drastic as blowing up the moon.

“But [Marvel is] “It also pushes us to make this Motive version of Iron Man,” Proulx said. What new story can we tell with Tony Stark? This is an incredibly empowering team. It’s a lot about collaborating and working together on a weekly basis, pushing ideas, challenging each other…it’s a great experience. ”

As of now, it will likely be a while before we see what Iron Man looks like. It’s also not the only Marvel game that EA is working on. The publisher has confirmed that it has several Marvel video games in the works, but it’s likely that these will be far beyond Iron Man. Either way, it looks like the studios will actually fulfill some of the superhero’s wishes.

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