La Porte High School employee caught on camera yelling, waving finger at teenager inches from the student’s face!

La Port, Texas (KTRK) – School officials said an investigation was underway after an employee was caught on camera scolding a teenage student.

An anonymous viewer shared the video with Eyewitness News, saying it was captured on camera Tuesday at La Porte High School after class from school.

In the video, the school employee can be heard slandering profanity and yelling at the teenager while shaking his finger.

The teenager is seen taking several steps back as the employee approaches, and at one point, he appears to be inches from the student’s face saying, “You’ll never talk to me that way! Never!”

The video, which is circulating among students in Laporte, is concerned about one mother who asked not to be identified.

“Once you watch that video, if he can do it, who wouldn’t say he can’t be violent towards a student? So, that’s my concern,” she said.

ABC13 spoke with the employee by phone on Wednesday, but he declined to comment on the behavior.

La Porte ISD issued a statement that said:

The safety and security of our students is of paramount importance, and La Porte ISD does not tolerate bullying or verbal or physical abuse of any child. We are aware of a video circulating that appears to show one of our employees scolding a student with inappropriate language. We have launched an investigation, and our management will address this concern in accordance with district policy.

We asked La Porte ISD if the employee returned to work on Wednesday and if the student was ever touched or hurt.

The area did not respond to our additional questions.

The unknown mother said, “Speaking to the student in this way, I think he (the school employee) should be disciplined. That is my opinion. There is no need to let it go that far.”

The Laporte Police Department said they are not working on a case and have not been asked to assist the school district in their investigation.

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