LeBron James has followed in the footsteps of Michael Jordan and other NBA greats by going bald, and the internet has thoughts

LeBron James has always been the target of jokes about his hairline, and it’s only been picked up in recent years that his hair has started to recede. (Even Richard Jefferson grilled him once Furthermore). However, fans won’t be able to take those humorous punches in the face to move on. That’s right, James is officially (and finally) bald, and in doing so, he’s following in his footsteps NBA goats like Michael Jordan. Of course, in the wake of the reveal, a number of people took to the Internet to share ideas about the new look of the athlete.

The Los Angeles Laker took to his Instagram story this week to share a photo showing him wearing a shaved head. The photo, in which the 37-year-old athlete can be seen smiling, also featured several laughing emojis and one of an old man. It didn’t take long for social media to take notice, and one Twitter He seems overwhelmed with the knowledge that the star has finally accepted his fate by getting the chops:

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