The Flash cast Richard Harmon as the new Captain Boomerang for the final season

Just a day after taking pictures, the photos revealed that Barry Allen will face Captain Boomerang in the upcoming ninth and final season of Sparkle, The CW makes it official. On Wednesday, it was announced that the 100th actor Richard Harmon had been cast as Owen Mercer/Captain Boomerang on a recurring role. As per the network description (via Limit) The new post-crisis Captain Boomerang was recently released from Iron Heights with a chip on his shoulder. But the blink of his eye conceals a dangerous and violent threat to Central City.

Harmon will be the second actor to play an incarnation of Captain Boomerang in the Arrowverse. Nick Tarabai previously played Digger Harkness / Captain Boomerang Arrow Before he was killed in the fifth season of this series. It’s not clear if Harmon’s version on The Flash will have any connection with Tarabay due to the universe reset in “Crisis on Infinite Earth”. As for Harmon, the actor previously appeared on The CW’s 100 Like John Murphy as well as on the net Smallville And the secret Circle. As featured on Syfy’s JeremiahAnd the Flash GordonAnd the Caprica and Fox margin.

Will there be a season 10 of Sparkle?

Unfortunately, there will be no season 10 of Sparkle. Back in August, that time was announced The Flash has been renewed for a ninth season, and the upcoming season will be the last of the series.

“Nine seasons! Nine years of saving Central City while taking fans on an emotional journey full of heart, humor and sight,” he said. Sparkle Model Eric Wallace in a statement. “And now Barry Allen has made it to the starting gate for his last race. So many amazing people have given their talent, time and love to bring this amazing show to life every week. So, as we prepare to honor the legacy of the amazing show with an exciting final chapter, I want to say thank you to our wonderful cast, writers, producers and crew for… Over the years they helped make Sparkle This is an unforgettable experience for fans around the world.”

When will the flash come back with new episodes?

As the fall TV season gets into full swing, fans have noticed Sparkle Not anymore. In fact, the only TV show currently airing on The CW is DC Stargirl in the capital. Sparklealong with the new season of Superman & Lois, is set to return mid-season in early 2023.

What do you think about the appearance of a new version of Boomerang in the final season of Sparkle? Let us know your thoughts in the comments!


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