13 Investigates: Texas voters, including GOP, support gun safety reforms, poll shows!

Houston, Texas (KTRK) – A new survey from the University of Houston and Texas Southern University shows broad support for gun safety reforms in the wake of the school shooting that killed 19 students and two teachers in Ovaldi.

Researchers at UH and TSU contacted more than 2,400 Texans in late August and found that 78% of them supported a global background check request, including gun offers and private sales. The results show that 70% of Republicans surveyed support mass screening as well.

Survey results indicate that 80% of Texans support a ban on anyone with a restraining order from purchasing a gun—74% of Texas Republicans included.

The video above is from ABC13 Houston’s Streaming 24/7.

The survey shows that 74% of Texans support what are commonly called “red flag laws,” where judges are allowed to take firearms from people they consider a danger to themselves or others.

Thirteen investigators examined the effectiveness of red flag laws earlier this year when we examined how Florida responded to the 2018 high school shootings that killed 14 students and three teachers in Parkland.

Our investigation found that Florida lawmakers passed bipartisan gun control laws 23 days after the Parkland shooting, including red flag laws and raising the age for all gun purchases from 18 to 21.

Since its passage in Florida, the red flag law has been used more than 8,000 times, including more than 1,000 times per county in the two counties that have conservative Republican mayors.

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The latest Texas poll showed that 59% of Republicans support red flag laws and 71% of all Texans support raising the age for purchasing assault rifles from 18 to 21 across the state.

Specifically, 56% of Republicans support raising the age for purchasing assault rifles to 21, according to the poll.

All of these actions will require changes to Texas law, but the legislature won’t return in session until January.

In the past, lawmakers have resisted calls for gun safety reform after mass shootings in Santa Fe, El Paso, Sutherland Springs and again after Ovaldi.

Despite calls from advocates to raise the age for purchasing assault rifles to 21, Governor Greg Abbott said it was something he couldn’t do.

Abbott said at his re-election event in Allen, according to our partners in the Texas Tribune.

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