Jon Hamm gave 60 percent of his salary to pay for ‘Confess, Fletch’

How committed was Jon Hamm to produce ‘Confess, Fletch’? Director Greg Mottola revealed to Ibrox (Across Indiewire) that the “Mad Men” Emmy winner returned 60 percent of his salary to help fund an additional three days of filming for an indie project. Mottola also gave up part of his salary to extend filming.

According to Mottola, the money that Miramax executive Bill Block was able to pay for the film covered just 27 days of filming. When Mottola and Hamm went out looking for additional funding to make filming up to 30 days, they were turned down by each funder.

“Everyone said, ‘I don’t know that kind of comedy works in this day and age,'” Mottola said. “They were kind of like, ‘Who is Fletch? I don’t think anyone cares anymore.'”

“So basically, what we did was John put 60 percent of his salary back into the budget,” the manager continued. “I put back some of my salary, not as much as John because he’s richer than me and I have three kids. And we bought three more days of filming. We got him for up to 30 days in Boston and one day in Rome. And we said, ‘Damn, we’re crazy, we’re stupid. We’ll making this movie. And then Miramax supported us really, creatively. They didn’t fight us over the people we wanted to throw.”

Confess, Fletch is a crime comedy based on Gregory MacDonald’s 1976 novel of the same name. The character previously inspired two 1980s comedy films starring Chevy Chase, “Fletch” and “Fletch Lives.” Hamm took on the role of the new film, which is based on MacDonald’s first novel centering on Fletch and finds that the character becomes a suspect in several murders while investigating a missing art collection. Lorenza Izu, Marcia Gay Harden, Kyle MacLachlan, Roy Wood Jr. and John Slattery star in the new movie.

After other directors struggled for years to reboot Gregory MacDonald’s popular mystery series, Greg Mottola got rolling with Miramax in this fun adaptation. diverse Film critic Peter Debruge wrote about the film in his review.

“Confess, Fletch” is now showing in theaters and available to watch on demand.

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