Samsung Galaxy S23 rumor points to improved battery life

The Samsung Galaxy S23 series will likely be the first flagship phones we see in 2023 if the rumored February launch is accurate. And when it comes down to it, the base Galaxy S23 model could see a significant upgrade that addresses one of the biggest complaints about the Galaxy S22.

according to Report (Opens in a new tab) From South Korea, the S23 could see a slight 5% increase in its battery capacity compared to the Galaxy S22. The latter phone is powered by a 3,700mAh battery, which pushes the cell in Samsung’s upcoming flagship phone to around 3,885mAh.

Rumors have suggested that Samsung is giving the S23 a slight 0.15mm increase in its dimensions – this probably correlates with the battery rumors and could mean the company is willing to make some small tweaks to fit a slightly larger battery.

(Image credit: Ice Universe via Twitter)

The report on the Galaxy S23 suggests that Samsung could use “stacking technology” where the internal battery material appears to be stacked layer by layer like a tray “to expand the capacity of small bag-type batteries”.

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