7 Times Steve Harvey and Jackass Made Comedy Gold During Celebrity Family Feud Finale

Celebrity family feud It wrapped its eighth season on September 22, instigating the cast members Donkey against each other for an hour of shocking – yes, I mean literally – entertainment. Even if audiences went into the ring expecting weird things, their hopes were likely to be exceeded, as hilarious host Steve Harvey joined forces with masochistic performers for the ultimate comedy gold.

While the celebrity version of the game show usually included two games with four different teams of famous faces to fill 60 minutes, only one game was played at this end, with six members on each team instead of the typical five. It soon became clear why this particular cast couldn’t be confined to a 30-minute slot, and it was the viewers who were the beneficiaries of the truly bustling hour of television. Here are 7 of the funniest moments from Celebrity family feudThe last season of starring actors Donkey:

1. Steve Harvey’s reaction to his twinning with Johnny Knoxville

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