Aaron Judge was almost turning on the camera with the camera trigger, and fooled everyone

We didn’t get a standard recording but at least we did get some great calls from the broadcast in Spanish.

Judge wasn’t the champ on Thursday, though he did a great play with his arm earlier in the game, so it wasn’t an entirely quiet night for him. Instead, Josh Donaldson got the fireworks fired in the 10th inning single-handedly from the RBI to left field.

New York has now decided its place in the playoffs. All that’s left is to snatch AL East and get the AL record for him at home.

Maris set the record in 1961 with 61 times. Another one of the judge will tie it up. Two more will break it. He has about two weeks to produce those historic drills on his home soil.

The big question is how many chances he will get. He walked on his first two hits against the Red Sox on Thursday. They certainly wouldn’t be excited to give him chances as the series drags on through the weekend.

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