Big Brother’s Brittany Hobbs happily confirms that she wasn’t trying to control the guards during guided meditation

Big brother 24 Brittany Hobbs went home pretending to be a game tester working with children, but audiences at home knew her true profession as a hypnotherapist. Some fans have even joked that Brittany was trying to influence her mates or “mind control” with guided meditation, but thankfully, we can confirm that this was not the case.

CinemaBlend had the opportunity to present questions to Brittany as she prepares to enter the jury before the end, and asked if she was trying to use her knowledge of hypnotherapy to her advantage. Brittany’s response made it clear that she walked away from the idea, revealing her true motivation behind the game’s hypnosis and guided meditation:

[laughs] Oh my gosh, you know, I hope it works that way! No, let me say that. It doesn’t work that way. Really, why I wanted guided meditations, is that this game is incredibly mentally stressful. We work out our bodies, but we don’t do much for our minds. After seeing the losses she’s been taking on Houseguests since week one, I thought, “You know what, this was a skill I’m going to hide and not share with Houseguests,” but it felt like it was something I just had to do.

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