Brown fans were alarmed by the blow that injured Anthony Walker Jr.

Okurafor jumped on his back.

Walker’s teammates stood at his side as he was treated by the coaching staff. It was loaded on the wagon, but with airflow on his left leg.

Twitter reacts to blow that pulled Browns LB Anthony Walker Jr.

Brown’s fans, who were watching the match, could not believe that the play that injured Walker was clean.

The team quickly disqualified Walker due to what was described as a knee injury.

Okorafor was penalized for an unqualified pass down the field, resulting in a no-play and a five-yard loss. There was no penalty for the blow to Walker.

Before his exit, Walker scored two sets of tackles and four assists. During the first two weeks of the 2022 season, Walker posted seven joint tackles, three losing tackles, and two defensive passes.

It will remain to be seen what kind of knee injury Walker deals with, and how much time he might waste. The injury is stinging, because he is the defensive team player when he is on the field.

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