Final Destination 6 took another big step forward after months of silence

The last time we heard something major about the sixth version of inevitable fate It was the movie series when it was decided John Watts will be the producerWriters, with Jay Busick and Laurie Evans-Taylor. But it was January, so you might assume people forgot to develop the next movie. Fortunately, those months left hanging for the news are gone, as Final destination 6 You have taken another big step forward.

Eleven years have passed since last inevitable fate Successful cinemas, so it’s time to get a new one where the creative team can innovate more silly death scenes for us to see it. The Hollywood Reporter announce it Freaks Directors Zach Lebowski and Adam B Stein are on board to relaunch the iconic horror franchise for New Line Cinema. Finding a good manager took a large part of the year to accomplish, with more than two hundred candidates submitted to managing agencies and companies. This directing duo is known for their low-budget sci-fi movie Freakswhich was one of the biggest sales at the Toronto International Film Festival in 2018 and was later ranked in the top 10 list on Netflix.

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