How the Browns beat the Steelers, explained by the experts

Here’s how the Cleveland Browns beat the Pittsburgh Steelers 29-17 on Thursday Night Football.

Well… but we thought the Cleveland Browns would swing and fall during their first 11 games of the season while they waited for Deshaun Watson to return? I think we better think again.

The Browns shocked with a 29-17 win over the Pittsburgh Steelers on Thursday night in football this week, giving them a record 2-1 and only temporary possession to lead North Asia.

The game was historic for Kevin Stefansky, and while there was a bright spot on the Steelers’ amazing catch, it showed just how they might need to push things in Kenny Beckett’s direction, even if Mike Tomlin doesn’t really want to. .

Here’s what experts say around the web about how the Steelers pulled it off.

Things started off great for the Steelers…

The rest of the story didn’t shed much positive light on the Steelers, so let’s start with some positivity there. The first half gave Steelers fans cause for optimism. over here What Brian Patko of the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette said:

“Quick attack? Lately, the Steelers are going to be facing any kind of attack, but by the end of the first half on Thursday night at First Energy, they hit a total relegation during their first two games.

Nagy Harris provided 5-yard and 1-yard guard Mitch Trubesky to the Steelers twice in attack in the first two quarters after scoring just one goal in the first two weeks of the post-Ben Roethlisberger era.

This is not to say that the end of the Roethlisberger era itself was a stronghold of the early attack. 14 first-half points was the most for the Steelers since week nine of the 2021 season when they scored the same number in Monday night’s win over the Bears at Acresor Stadium.”

The slope was pretty much from there, though…

The defense was great for Brown in the second half

Randy Gorzi from Dog Pound Daily He pointed out how important Brown’s defense was in the second half of the match:

“While they let Mitch Trubesky move the ball around with some ease in the first half, the Cleveland defense tightened in the final 30 minutes. They had three straight threes in a row that put them in a great position to tip the game away—which they did this time.”

Another perspective shows a critical failure of the Steelers’ crime

Tommy Jaggi from Still Curtain thinks that The Steelers had chances on the offensive side but simply failed To benefit:

“Except for a strong second quarter, the rest of their offensive performances were pathetic. The offense simply stopped too much and couldn’t put points on the board. This is the third game in a row to start the season that the team has scored 17 offensive points or less. They did it despite being exposed For a hasty attack it was capable of blasting over 100 yards to the ground at 4.7 yards per carry.

Additionally, Trubisky was well protected for most of the game—taking one bag for 3 yards. Once again, the blame continues to be placed on the Steelers QB and OC Matt Canada playgroup, as this pairing proved fatal to this team’s success. Trubisky did not attempt a single pass over the middle of the football field until desperation struck in the fourth quarter.”

Want to know where the crime failed? Brooke Pryor from ESPN He pointed out that there were no targets in the middle of the field.

“For all the offensive adjustments made – at least in the first half – the Steelers didn’t target midfield. The Steelers’ tight end Pat Freymouth wasn’t targeted until the middle of the fourth quarter. He sailed that pass high, and Mitch Trubesky threw him in a three-cover. A catch for Freiermuth with 2:56 left in the fourth quarter, an impressive grab for his 26-yard gain. He followed it up with another in the next play over the middle for 15 yards. But two points behind, it was too late for those completions to have a major impact on the game.”

Nick Chubb was a squad maker in the Brown family

CBS Sports (Brian Diedru, Shanna McCarston) He praised Nick Chubb’s contribution to the victory:

Speaking of the running game, let’s talk about Chubb. Chubb completely demolished the Steelers’ defense, putting up 23 stands for 113 yards and a touchdown. Since 2018, he’s had 24 games for 100 yards, the most in the league during that time.

The Steelers need TJ Watt back, and their passing rush is dead

Kevin Batra at Point out how the bash rush misses a lot of aggression:

“Steelers have 30.5 percent QB pressure with watts compared to 19.0 without it, according to Next-Gen stats. In six games without watt, Pittsburgh averages 1.7 bags—3.5 bags per game with the edge pusher. Only once in Those six games, the Steelers won more than two sacks (Week 17, 2020, when Watt rested, four sacks versus Cleveland), and they’ve been closed from the sack column twice.”

Jacobi Brisset is a great stopover at QB

ESPN’s Jake Trotter is Ensure that we do not neglect the appreciation of Jacobi Brisset. Although serving as a temporary starter until Watson’s return, he has done well with the Browns setting the tone early in the season.

Brissett put in another solid performance in his third start for the Browns. He threw a pair of first-half touchdowns, one for Cooper on a downhill, the other for tight end David Njoku in the back of the end zone. Brisset finished the game 21 from 31 passes for 220 yards as he continued in Brown’s attack stability.”

Steelers’ next match, Browns

The Steelers face the New York Jets in their next match. After an extended rest period, the brown takes over the hawksbill. Both play on Sunday, October 2 at 1:00 PM.

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