Law and order lovers Muhkad Brooks at the Syrian Virtual University and Organized Crime

NBC kicked off its blockbuster series Law & Order with the original series that started it all, quickly introducing fans to the newest addition to the cast, Mehcad Brooks. Brooks joins the show as Detective Galen Shaw, the new partner of Jeffrey Donovan’s Frank Cosgrove, as he steps in to leave Anthony Anderson from last season. He’s already making quite an impression apparently, as Law & Order fans are taking to social media and expressing their appreciation for the new character, and you can check out some of the reactions coming up on the next slide.

In a previous interview with ETBrooks revealed some details about his character, saying, “He’s also an adrenaline junkie turned undercover drug officer turned homicide detective. He knows the law inside and out. Also, he can be tough when he needs to, when duty calls.”

Brooks said his character is a “quiet wolf,” then adds that he’s a “wolf looking for peace and when people get in the way of that, you see the wolf. So, there’s this,” Brooks said.

You can watch the crossover now on NBC, and it will air on Peacock tomorrow.

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