Lil Nas X covers Beyoncé, brings a stage show to New York: Concert review

It seems unlikely that after more than three years of resounding success – “Old Town Road” – which has become the longest-running single in Billboard history and the most platinum-certified, with 15 at last count – and sometimes many – videos and shows. Controversial TV host, Lil Nas X is now only on his first major tour.

The artist’s 29-day “Long Live Montero” tour of two sold-out stations stopped at New York’s prestigious Radio City Music Hall this week, and he hasn’t disappointed in terms of music or visuals (though he kept things relatively to PG, except for kissing One of his dancers is behind a curtain.

The show was divided into three acts, similar to the play, with various changes in costumes and set designs. Each act was preceded by a video of a model speaking about the message of self-esteem, a topic that has been central throughout the Nas X career.

Powered by three wall-sized screens and a band of dancers in the background, Nas opened with his single “Panini” and set off with a show that presented his main strengths: songs, dance, and charisma. Dance numbers in particular, designed by Sean Bankhead, were amplified and detailed in the artist’s relatively small catalog—just an album and EP, after all—and turned the show into an almost Broadway-style production.

The theme moved, as attendees were given brochures resembling play bills, which included advertisements from GLAAD, Trevor Project, Nas’s Columbia Records, and tour sponsor Google. The tech giant was also subtly incorporated into the show as part of a break during “Old Town Road,” which featured Nas using a Google pixel to follow his online presence as he evolved over the years, from being Nicki Minaj Stan to a viral sensation, and now a global star.

Arguably the highlight of the performance was “This Is What I Want,” which used simple musical prop and choreography to reflect the love triangle in the video, but the surprise was oozing in homage to Beyoncé with a full performance of hers.”Renaissance song “Pure/Honey.”

The group came to an end with his debut single, “Industry Baby,” which also evoked the music video on stage. After running through the crowd and greeting and hugging fans, he ended the night with his new single “Star Walkin”, a fun thank you to fans.

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