Man punches his elbow and sends him “fly”

American Airlines A traveler has been banned for life after he assaulted a flight attendant after a coffee dispute.

Alexander Tong Ko Lee, 33, from Westminster, California He is the passenger in question. According to fellow passengers who witnessed the escalation of the situation, the California resident was angry after he was asked to return to his seat after Harassment of flight attendants for a cup of coffee.

Le’s first attempt to order a hot drink was turned down, after he got up and grabbed the shoulder of a flight attendant and ordered coffee when they started serving drinks – he just didn’t have the patience to wait for the trolley to get in his driveway. After they were told no, Lu grabbed the host’s shoulders againthis time with both hands.

The American Airlines View employee A defensive pose In response, it was enough to drive me away, and he turned and sat down in a seat that wasn’t his. After the Californian refused to comply with requests to return to his original seat, the cabin crew decided enough was enough and went to the place Tell the captain about the man.

Lee was furious at the decision and, in his anger, punched the respective flight attendant as he walked toward the cockpit.The passenger dealt a heavy blow, and the American Airlines worker was sent “fly”.

The video condemns the footage and Le now faces a A maximum of 20 years in prison.


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