MultiVersus to add Rick Sanchez, new teaser

MultiVersus is set to add Rick Sanchez to its rapidly growing roster of characters, and fans are getting an exciting new teaser to get an insight into the upcoming character.

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MultiVersus has managed to gain a lot of popularity since its launch. While the current numbers for the past 30 days are somewhere around the 30k mark, the game averaged over 100,000 players during its launch week. One of the most important factors that has worked so well in the game is the regular addition of characters. With new characters being added to the game every few weeks, fans are always interacting with new content.


Morty was added to MultiVersus just a few weeks ago, in a patch that has seen Arya, Finn and Harley gain massive buffs. While fans were very excited to play Morty, fans of Rick were still waiting for his arrival. Fortunately, the developers have confirmed that Rick Sanchez will be joining the game really soon. The developers also revealed a new trailer showing Rick arriving in his unique style. Here is Rick’s description inside the game

A nihilistic genius and one of the galaxy’s most wanted. Welcome Earth scientist Rick Sanchez has seen all that reality can offer. Together with his grandson Morty, Rick saved the galaxy and the space/time continuum dozens of times over.

As far as personality type is concerned, Rick is a charming/far-reaching character. The special moves have yet to be revealed, and fans can expect the same to be released sometime near the character’s release. Regarding the release date of Rick Sanchez, there is no information about it yet. The developers have stated that Rick will be arriving in the game soon, but given the speed with which new characters are being added to the game, it shouldn’t be long before Rick makes his way into the game. MultiVersus game director Tony Huynh also confirmed that the character will be arriving “very soon,” so one can expect it to arrive in the next few weeks.

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